Fresh out of Photoshop: sports compositing

Intention for the campaign was to just show the sports and the girl – no extras.

That’s why there are (almost) no artificial products (such as a watch, buildings or power poles) in the picture. For women who set the focus on the sports and themselves.

Thinking about doin’ more sports

The classical american portrait shot has been lit up by a 3-light-setup. The background is a non-hdr (yes, I think about shooting in hdr next time for both, background and even the model).

It’s postprocessed by some skin retouching techniques, liquified, some colour and contrast adjustments, bleach bypass, a vignette and the compositing of course. Birds, sunlight, and rays have been added artificially. My typical hyperrealistic and super-edgy look is part of the game. Now we hope to win the pitch …

philwiener Werbeagentur Fotograf Sport Läuferin Detail

The job required a color pic, but there’s a black & white version below, too.

philwiener Werbeagentur Fotograf Sport Läuferin schwarzweiß

Out of camera shot

philwiener Werbeagentur Fotograf Sport Läuferin unbearbeitet